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What is Girls Overboard?


"From all over the world people travel to the island chain of Kawaii in search of recreation, relaxation,

and above all...romance."

Girls Overboard is a crafting style dating sim with multiple girls, interchangeable outfits, and animated 2D artwork.


While Kawaii island is a vacation destination for most people, you take on the role of a local fisherman down on his luck.


Use stamina to cast your fishing net and collect materials, then combine those materials into gifts you can give to beautiful women. Unlock different outfits, build relationships, explore each girl's unique story and enjoy hight quality animated CGs!

Join the cute anime girls of Girls Overboard on Kawaii Island for a Wet 'n' Wild vacation!

  • 5 gorgeous ladies to romance.

  • More than 20+ animated illustrations CG to unlock that bring the characters to life!

  • Over 100 fun and sexy outfits to unlock! Gift your special gal an outfit tailor-made for her.

  • Fully voiced! A talented cast of English voice actresses!

  • Increase your chance of reward with the optional in-game purchase.

  • Gallery Mode! Enjoy the art you've unlocked at any time!

  • Music that makes you want to dance in your chair!

  • Free to play!

  • And much more!




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Girls Overboard is a crafting-style dating sim with beautiful hand-painted artwork.

Use your trusty fishing net to collect materials that can be combined into gifts, outfits,

and accessories. 

Customize each girl's appearance with a range of different clothing choices!

Changing each girl's outfit and accessories will not only alter their appearance but help you gain stamina at a faster rate.

The more stamina you have, the more often you can cast your net and the more

materials you can acquire.



More, more, and more fun!

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