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What is Girls Overboard?


"From all over the world people travel to the island chain of Kawaii in search of recreation, relaxation, and above all...


Are you ready for a sizzling summer experience? Then grab your sunscreen because you're going to Kawaii Island where the weather's hot and the girls are even hotter!

Flirt with fishes, lay with lifeguards, and get tickled by tentacles as you date your way through a beach full of babes. With quick reflexes, bubble shooting, and maybe a little mermaid magic, you are GUARANTEED to get laid. Summer lovin's never been so hot!


Join the ladies of Girls Overboard on Kawaii Island for a Wet 'n' Wild vacation!

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Enjoy casual gameplay, build relationships, unlock special outfits, and explore each girl's unique story with fully voiced and animated artwork!

Give gifts to your waifu in order to increase your relationship and win her heart.

Each girl is fully voiced in English! Featuring high-quality illustrations, hand-painted to perfection, and fully animated. The higher your relationship goes, the racier of situations you'll unlock. 

With the Wet 'n' Wild DLC patch, get ready to go ALL THE WAY!

  • 7+ datable girls. (More coming soon)

  • Fully voiced dialogue.

  • 30 Animated CGs.

  • Over 140+ outfits to unlock.

  • Relaxing bubble shooter gameplay

  • Gallery Mode to replay unlocked scenes.

  • Upbeat soundtrack.

  • Optional in-game purchase.

  • And much more!

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Our projects are a labor of love and to know people enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy making them is what keeps us going.

With your support, we will be able to animate sprites/backgrounds and expand our team by hiring writers and casting more voice actors!

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