Get Two Months FREE w/ Annual Pledge!

Benefits of Pledging Annually:
  • Annual Pledges benefit you and us in a number of ways. While being a supporter, you already get a multitude of benefits, such as exclusive art, wallpapers, and game content, but as an annual supporter, you will get an immediate discount. So you will get the same content you normally would, but for less money!

How Annual Pledges Help Us:
  • Having supporters commit to an entire year will raise our number of patrons as a whole, which improves our visibility in Patreon's search feature and recommended creators. This will help us grow and increase our funding so we create more quality content!

So, if you like good deals and want to continue supporting us making games and art, this is an incredible offer! In our opinion, this is the best new feature Patreon has released to date. We want Patreon staff to see this a good idea so they keep this feature available permanently.

Get Two Months FREE w/ Annual Pledge! *The Annual Pledge Discount will be reduced to 8% on October 2nd (One month free)

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