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Faulty Apprentice Release Date!

It has been a long road rebuilding Faulty Apprentice from scratch in Unity Engine, but we are incredibly proud of what our humble game has become. Not only have we completed ALL of our Stretch Goal in-game content from out initial Kickstarter Campaign, but with the help of our Patreon Supporters we've added even MORE! What more, you ask? Customizable features such as Banners and Titles, partial Voice Acting for the Guards, new Locations, Master Equipment sets, and even a few Secret Scenes (=

As a special thank you to everyone that supported Faulty Apprentice on Kickstarter and preordered on BackerKit, we will be releasing Chapter 2 in a couple of weeks as well as a beta version of the full game when we are closer to release. If you are not a Patron supporter and wish to play chapter 2, you must preorder before August 8, 2019 []

Join our patreon [] to play Chapter 2 and more now!

Supporters with lifetime pledge of $20 or more will receive a download code for full game at time of release!

We are excited to share our hard work with you all, and hope you are excited, too! Please look forward to more updates and once again, thank you for supporting Faulty Apprentice! Comment what you're looking forward to the most in the final game and hit that Like button if you're hyped!

Din + Faulty Apprentice team

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