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Faulty Apprentice Devlog - May update 2

Jobs, jobs and more Jobs! Greetings and hail travelers. Your good friend and humble host, Din here to share the latest and greatest from Faulty Apprentice. There is a lot to talk about so, let's start with new in-game content!

First up takes place in the pinkest place in the palace. You are summoned by Princess Priscilla to assist her in the Royal Tower. Assist her with what? I cannot say, you'll have to play to find out for yourself! 🍰

For those of you feeling lively, head over to the West Gate and meet up with the Ghost Guard. She needs some help reinforcing the gate and will be sure to raise your Courage if you come back alive. Or at least, mostly alive... 👻

If you're feeling artsy, head up to the Upper Courtyard and help the Gorgon Guard with her sculpting project. She's not the type of girl to be taken lightly though, so watch out you don't find a snake in the grass!

While you're up in the Upper Courtyard, head over to the Slime Guard! She's a little bored with the drinks at the Longest Lance Tavern and wants you to get creative. This Job has several endings so we look forward to hearing about your experience! 🐟

If you're still alive after all that excitement and want to enjoy a nice relaxing fishing trip, the Shark Guard needs help down at the South Tower. To be honest, though, this is the Shark Guard we are talking about so it might not be that relaxing!

Some other in-game updates we made were optimizing the Map Screen. Now it should run smoother and look cooler! You told us and we listened, so let us know if this new and improved water effect is performing better!

Another in-game update is the addition of the Health system! Now on the Princess Urgent Job, the level of your Dexterity will determine how much Health you will have. We will be implementing this into Training and other Jobs next, but we want your feedback on this initial test run first!

Outside of the game, we have an art update of the Thunder Guard! The cropped version is available to the public, the full underwear view for $2 patrons and the Nude version for $5 tiers!

Some of what's coming next!

  • Archery Training session 9

  • Magic Training session 9

  • Swordsmanship Training session 9

  • Sexy Slime Guard image set

Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!

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