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☘️🥚☘️ Spring Event Details ☘️🥚☘️

Spring Event April 9th - May 9th

One of King Isaac's first acts coming into power was an attempt to encourage trading with other nations and promote fertility in the harvests to come. A great farming market would fill the Lower Courtyard of Stars Reach every springtime, thus becoming known as the Spring Festival. Traders from Northmark, Bunnington, Atlantis, and the Sand Skirts would bring all sorts of soils, seeds, and saplings. At least they would under normal circumstances, but with the declaration of siege, all trade has been shut down.

However, there is one tradition of the Spring Festival that cannot be shut down, at least not while your favorite bunny guard Hilde is on duty! During Springtime at the Burrow, all the bunny folk host a town wide Egg hunt for all the children. Since all the younglings at Stars Reach have been evacuated, Hilde is changing the rules to make it more fun for the Guards and you!

Each member of the Castle Guards have been given an egg to paint and hide somewhere in Stars Reach! While some girls may take hiding their eggs more seriously than others, as part of the rules they must all give you a hint as to where their egg is hidden before you can start looking for it. Depending on how many you find will affect how much fun you and Hilde will have on your picnic date afterward ❤️❤️❤️

How to play!

  • Download Spring Event game build April 9th

  • Accept the Event Job from Hilde at the South Tower

  • Find as many Eggs as you can, then bring them back to Hilde to go on a picnic date!

The Faulty Apprentice Event Job: Bunny-bunny Egg Hunt will be available to everyone for a limited time. There will be Good and Bad endings if you are playing a Chapter One build, but if you wish to achieve the Ultimate Romance ending you will need to find eggs from Guards and locations that do not unlock until Chapter Two.

Comment below which Guard's Egg you think will be the most difficult to locate and hit that Like button if you're going to unlock Hilde's Ultimate ending! ❤️

☘️🥚☘️ Spring Event April 9th - May 9th ☘️🥚☘️

Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice! If you are not already, please consider supporting us on Patreon <3

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