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Faulty Apprentice Chapter One Coming Soon!

Greetings Apprentices! Your good friend and humble Project Lead, Din here with the grand pleasure of hyping you up for the latest installment of Faulty Apprentice. Coming January 29, 2019! Now that we have finished rebuilding the game from scratch in Unity3d Game Engine, we have made some most excellent improvements!

New Features:

Good and Evil! Why keep the evil inside yourself when you can corrupt everyone around you!! You will notice a new meter on every character’s Hub screen called Morale. Now, you will have a chance to shape character’s destinies every-time you Talk to them. With this many character there are over 100 morale changing opportunities in this week alone! This also works for being nice! I don’t know why I was only focusing on the evil path. XD

Inappropriate Touching! Being one of the only guys in a castle full of women can make it hard to keep your hands to yourself. So, just like petting the Greffen, you can now Touch characters via their hub menu (where it shows their name and banner)! While we are excited to implement this feature, please note the girls probably don't want to be felt up by a guy they are not in a Relationship with, and even worse the First Guard is always on the lookout for bad behavior. So be sure to save prior to exploring this feature too far.

Four time’s the charm! You are no longer limited to two time slots per day! In this alpha build, you will be able to do jobs and train four times per day! An indindication of remaining “Time” aka time slots you have in a day will be visible for your convenience on the Map Screen via a Clock and white/black gems!

Map Screen! We’ve beefed up the map screen that not only tells you time of the day, but where you are, where you haven’t been yet, and a little extra info about that location. Simply roll your mouse over a location and you will see a preview preview with info on the left sideboard.

Say my name, BIATCH! Previously, the main and key characters were all addressed by their Titles, but now you will learn their name! Oh and Sorry for swearing, I'm just so excited! XD

High resolution! We have more than doubled the games resolution, from 960x640 pixels to whopping 2560x1440 pixels. Now you can enjoy the hand painted art more than ever before!

Music to your ears! We are now featuring beautiful music from our composer, Javier Kadry and guest Composer Dale North from Scarlet Moon Productions! We hope you enjoy the sweet new tracks! Listen Here:

Commander Jobs! Remember when we asked you about a tutorial aspect? We have added Special Jobs for the Commander that will give you some direction for your Apprentice, but still keep the player freedom of choice. Much like Gathering Jobs, these will require you to not only venture to other areas of the castle, but also to do specific activities such as Training and Jobs.

Titties for 500! I mean, titles! "Titles." Now you can earn Titles beyond, "Apprentice" by doing various things in the castle. While you can expect a full list and guide to every Title in a seperate post, we would like to keep them slightly mysterious at the moment and allow you to discover them for yourself (=

Raise your Banners! Customize your UI and show off how awesome your Apprentice is by unlocking unique Banners! While you can expect a full list and guide to every Banner in a separate post, we would like to keep them slightly mysterious at the moment and allow you to discover them for yourself!

Qwak! I mean, Greffen! If you thought the Royal Commander was too cool to travel via horse or carriage, you were right. I am proud to introduce, Afealtes the Dark Greffen.

More coming soon! While we are excited to share this build with you all, it is still very much work in progress, so if there is something you would like to see in the future, don’t be shy and let us know!

Have you Pre-ordered your copy of Faulty Apprentice yet? As the game gets more awesome the price will go up so be sure to take advantage of the preorder price now! Preorder [ here ]

Thank you for viewing this announcement and we hope you are as excited for Chapter One as we are to share it with you!

Din + AGL team

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