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Faulty Apprentice is Getting BIGGER!

Greetings, Apprentices!

Your good friend and humble project lead, Din here, to announce Faulty Apprentice is getting BIGGER! Thanks to your support here on Kickstarter, we were able to reach ALL of the Stretch Goals! Raising the number of datable cast from the four characters to the entire cast of 11 characters! That's triple the relationship paths!

Our estimate release date was originally set for April, but with the additional features (As you can see from our previous updates and more in updates to come), datable characters which expand the world of Faulty Apprentice, we have decided to push back the release date.

Datable Characters Includes:

  • Archery Instructor

  • Sword Instructor

  • Magic Instructor

  • Dark Elf Rogue

  • Traveling Merchant

  • Alchemist

  • Bunny Guard

  • Sir Quintus

  • Princess

  • Black Cat

  • Commander

Since we started rebuilding the game from scratch, we’ve spent the majority of our time getting the game engine, art pipeline, and base gameplay up and running. Quality story and player experiences are our number 1 priority. At the same time, we want to make sure to stay within our budget, focusing on the things that are core to Faulty Apprentice.

We promise to keep in touch regularly but we need to stay focused on making Faulty Apprentice the best it can be! For those that missed the Kickstarter and Backerkit campaign, due to the increase of in-game content, the full release price of Faulty Apprentice will be higher than the original price listed on Kickstarter.

While the release date is still yet to be determined, we feel confident that we’re building the rest of the game on a solid foundation!

Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!

- Team AGL (Din, Jes, Bam)

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