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Faulty Apprentice Sword & Archery minigame Update!

New Features to Faulty Apprentice:

  • You've got Wood! Since the Apprentice is a red-blooded man(boy) like the rest of us, he knows what to do when his wood pops up... Chop it in half!! Swing into action with the rebuilt mini-game for sword training. This is something we've wanted to do since the first concepts of the Sword route, so we can't tell you how cool it is to see it happening XD Well, we hope you all think its cool, let us know!

  • Clear! No, we are not hitting you with the defibrillator, it's just a cool new "Cleared" glorification moment to let you know when the mini-game is complete! Why? Because you worked hard to beat that game and deserve some sparkles (=

  • Chibi-ization! As mentioned in the previous update, chibis will be taking a larger role in the game's storytelling. In our old game engine, we could only have chibis appear between dialogue, but now they're EVERYWHERE! We hope that this makes story points more clear and engaging.

  • Say my name, BIATCH!! Ever wonder the Sword Instructors and the Archery Instructor's name? Well on our current build, you get to learn the Sword Instructors name!

  • Green Arrow! Wouldn't it be cool to be the superhero, Green Arrow? Probably, but not as cool as the new effect we made for shooting targets in Archery Training! Previously, the Instructor would tell you the Target Order via standard dialogue. Now, you will not only get standard dialogue, but there are also visual cues!

  • Voice of an Angel~ Why stop at visual and written commands when we have a lovely Voice Actress working with? Now the Archery Instructor will read out commands aloud, just for you~<3

  • We're Moving! No, not our studio, we mean the art! Thanks to the help from our new team member and programmer, BamBam, we now have slight animations of the reward images. This is a new feature in Unity Engine that we are exploring, so we hope to learn more in order animate other areas of the game such as the character sprites and backgrounds. Let us know if you want to see more animations like these!

  • Secret Archery Technique! For those keen of sight, we've added a hidden advantage when using your Bow & Arrow outside of Training. We can't tell you what it is, but if you figure it out, feel free to share with your fellow Apprentices. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!

  • Secret Scene! Uuhh, yea, can't talk about this one either, but you'll know it when you see it! XD

  • Touch me, baby! As mentioned earlier, we are experimenting with new animation features in Unity engine. Maybe something will happen if you click certain areas of certain reward images? Again, this is our first attempt so we only have this feature in one image, but if we get a good response, we can add more!

  • Skip it! Did you love that toy from the 80’s? Well, you’re going to love this feature even more. Now you have the option to Skip Training and go right to the 2nd half of each beta!

  • All those Little Things! Some small tweaks here and there that aren’t especially flashy, but help the game run smoother. We just want to mention in case you notice something is slightly different and are like, “am I crazy or….” You’re not crazy. =P

It is now available for our Patreon and Kickstarter backers!

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