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Paramedium now on Unity!

Our 2016 Halloween Jam Paramedium is now on Unity!

Surprise!! You weren't expecting this were you?? To get pumped for Halloween season and more important reasons below, we have rebuild Paramedium in Unity game engine!

As many of you know we have brought a new member into the team to take on the role of Programmer. However, our studio is like Stars Reach, we aren't going to let some zero skills apprentice walk in without putting them to the test!

We had an overwhelming response and ranked number one despite the fact it was our first game jam ever!! It was such a positive experience for our studio, we would like to make entering the game jam a tradition!

Download here:

Game updated: October, 1st, 12:00am

  • Updates:

  • Mini game has been fixed, it no longer crash from click n’ drag

  • New stuff:

  • Blink features for the main characters

  • Animated glow behind the characters back

  • Menu- Here you can adjust setting for Full Screen, Volume and Text speed.

  • Auto- Text will now automatically move on to the next without clicking

  • Log- History of the text are displayed here

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