AGL Studios is an indie developer located in sunny Southern California.  
We are making visual novel because they combine our favorite things: Art, Games, and Story Telling. 

With a background in concept art, we try to tell a story with each character we draw. By creating visual novels, the story comes to life and unfolds depending on the player’s decisions. 

Our games stand out because of stylized artwork, memorable characters, atmospheric music, fitting voice overs, imaginative story telling, and immersive sound effects. Not only are we trying to make great visual novels, we are trying to go above and beyond!  

By adding mini games and quick time events, our games have a unique feel uncommon to visual novels you may have played before. We are a new indie studio, but eager to make our mark in the gaming world!


         If you are familiar with games, you will recognize the attribute abbreviation, AGL as Agility. We use this name because we can adapt and respond quickly to meet our clients needs. Large projects or small; Our dedicated and talented artists will work hard to to bring your ideas to life. 

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