About Us

AGL studios is a small team located in sunny Southern California. Din and Jesika are two humble folks that love Visual Novel, it combines their favorite things: Art, Games, and Story Telling. 

With a background in concept art, we try to tell a story with each character we draw. By creating visual novels, the story comes to life and unfolds depending on the player’s decisions. We are a new indie studio, but eager to make our mark in the gaming world! 

With your support, we will be able to shorten development time and deliver more content! We will even upgrade some features of the game, such as Animated Background and Sprites! We'd love to expand our team by hiring writers and casting more voice actors! 

- Din + Jesika (Team AGL)

Geoff Trebs (dinmoney)

Art Director

  • Attributes: Strength +3, Dexterity +1

  • Skills: Drawing d10, Painting d10, Humor d8, Stealth d6, Subtlety d4, Patience d4, Driving d10, Discipline d12, Cooking d4, Spelling d4, Swordsmanship d10, Fashion d4 Charisma +2; Step 20; Parade 2; Toughness: 6

  • Disadvantages: Sucker for beautiful women, Easily distracted

  • Advantages: Hawk-Eye, Long Reach, Story Telling

  • Languages: Common

  • Equipment: Katana, Lucky d20, too many keys, Sketchbook


Wandering Swordsman always looking for adventure, doing good deeds, and trying to improve his swordsmanship.


"I accept your challenge"




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Jesika Art

Artist / Producer

  • Attributes: Strength +1, Dexterity +2, Constitution +0, Intelligence +1, Wisdom +2, Charisma +3

  • Skills: Drawing d10, Painting d8, Intimidation d4, Stealth d10, Patience d12, Driving d4, Cooking d10, Voice d4, Fashion d10, Charisma: +2;

  • Disadvantage: Sleepy, Height, Poor eyesight, Gullible

  • Advantage: Trilingual, Imagination

  • Equipment: Lipstick, Hand sanitizer, Lotion, Pencil, Sketchbook, Pocket knife, Pepper spray


I'm a digital painter based in Southern California and I specialized in character designs. My Illustrations are created out of care, research, a mix of my personal style. I make deliver the best I can offer!


"Hey, Hello~ hows' it going, yeahhhh Hi...."



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Support our creative process!

Our projects are a labor of love and to know people enjoy playing them as much as we enjoy making them is what keeps us going. 

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